Is This Guy a Threat to You?

Is This Guy a Threat to You?

Has anyone ever watched the movie “The Insider” and thought about the character of Frank Soltesz? You might say to yourself, “That’s not the guy who lived next door to me.” Well, you might be right.

Frank Soltesz is an FBI agent, he was assigned to work on the investigation into the death of Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton. And what really struck me about this particular movie is that he finds a man in a black suit, his name is Roger. Roger told Soltesz that he had information on the Clintons, and he wanted a deal. Soltesz found that the guy was armed and told him to leave, but he wouldn’t.

The guy put a gun to Soltesz’s head and said he would kill him if he didn’t comply. He wanted money. But when the FBI walked in the room, the guy ran and left. The FBI took care of him.

But it was not an isolated incident, the other thing that I remember was when they were investigating someone called the “unknown women” and when they arrested her, the dogs at the prison she was in were vicious. They bit one of the agents and killed him. She didn’t know he was dead.

There are many more instances that can be documented, I am not saying all of them are true, but there is enough evidence to prove that he has a criminal record that has been known about for years. He has had run-ins with the law and has been convicted of felonies. I have nothing against the Clintons, just the fact that some of their employees have done things that could potentially lead to danger to themselves or others.

I can understand if a person doesn’t think that Frank Soltesz is dangerous, but his history can be found online in relation to crimes he has committed. His most recent conviction is rape. If he doesn’t have a violent past, why would someone take him on as a security guard?

The reason I brought up this character in the movie, because it is of great interest that he is a black suit in a relatively large city like New York. That is not to say that every black person does that, but this character in the movie was in fact dressed like that, and he was holding a gun to my head. We are talking about a guy who seemed to be highly aroused.

He has all the characteristics of a black suit who does not belong in a position of authority. Anyone who would hire him and call him safe is either ignorant or they are incompetent. Neither would ever make a good agent.