Who is Frank Soltesz?

Who is Frank Soltesz?

Since his appointment as ESPN’s Senior Director of College Scouting in April 2020, Frank Soltesz has taken a different approach to his job than his predecessor, John Wildhack. Instead of relying on scouting sources and its associated alchemy, Soltesz has chosen to begin his review process with the coach. The change was prompted by the fact that he believed he could do better for his bosses.

To be more precise, he felt he could do better for himself. It wasn’t an excuse for anything that happened. He wasn’t being selfish or petty or vindictive. However, there was a reason he brought this up.

Most people have a story about their first year as a sports fan. It can be about any sport or is often related to a particular team. However, I’m talking about a moment when you realized just how much you really love sports. If you don’t know the right things, you still might not be as good at it as you thought you were.

As I said in the beginning of this piece, I want to get to a final note regarding my title. There are a few folks who have wondered if this is an attempt to take credit away from people who have contributed significantly to my success. And, I guess I’ll have to say yes, because they’re not wrong.

Frank won’t take credit for this, but he also won’t let anyone take credit for it either. He’s willing to acknowledge many people who’ve been key to his success.

Frank doesn’t have a credential as a baseball or basketball scout; however, he does have a passion for sports. He loves the game and is very knowledgeable. This is why he was hired and it’s what makes him an ideal candidate for this position. He’s looking forward to presenting a new slate of opportunities to all those who play and enjoy the game. The good news is that many of us won’t have to wait too long. We’ll be able to expect a higher level of professionalism and accountability in our sportswriting fraternity.

Frank Soltesz is a professional in the most valuable way. He knows how to operate a business and run a team. And I’d guess we will see a lot more from him in the future.